Market Changer

AGEO is the go-to online convenience store on the Czech Market.


Household Brand

AGEO made the brand a household name and changed the way we shop for everyday household items.



Helping Local, National & International Communities lead an easier everyday.


Community Care

AGEO revolutionised the way we shop for everyday cosmetics, hygiene products, toiletry items and cleaning supplies for both home and office.
Working directly with Big Brand Manufacturers, AGEO cut out middlemen and were able to provide everyday household items of known brands at much more affordable prices.

“We’re all about community and making an impact on our society, and you understood that from the beginning. You’re brilliant in your craft, and the campaigns came out as if from a well-written book. Kongeeg showed us the potential and helped us expand our business internationally into Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.
Looking at our customers’ feedback, we’ve gotten so much love and loyalty, and our Brand is getting a lot of true appreciation. It means a lot to us that our original intent with the company is really shining through now!”

Roman G. / Founder & CEO

“Kongeeg showed us the potential and helped us expand our business internationally into Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.”

Intuitive Platform

Offering all their products online, through their intuitive platform means you can stock up on all your necessities from the comfort of your own home. Convenience in the truest form of the word, as for such prices you can purchase in bulk and have it delivered straight to your house.

Genuine Intentions

The story of AGEO roots back in very strong and genuine intentions.
In the Czech Republic, a lot of young families and older generations don’t have their own means of transportation. This can make shopping very uncomfortable, especially when buying heavy and bulky toiletries.
Eliminating this load for customers is a big deal. Furthermore cleaning supplies and toiletries are necessary for every home and office, but in the stores are offered at high prices with inflated markups.

Clear Message

Knowing the true Root of the Funders’ personal obstacles and Intent, we were able to construct very meaningful and direct communication to their customers.
This meant that AGEO recalibrated with their true Purpose and Values and were able to more accurately speak to their customers’ real pain points, whilst expressing to their audience their deep-rooted impact and effect they want to make on the society and the communities in which they live.

International Expansion

AGEO is not in the business of selling toiletries and cleaning supplies, but to make the everyday life of their Audiences and Communities easier, so that we can all spend time on matters more important and joyous, which is family, relationships and personal pursuits.
All this contributes to the well being and improvement of quality of their customers’ lives. In this lie AGEO’s Values and Purpose.
Working with a wonderful team and mission, we saw a great potential for expansion, and together helped AGEO expand their business internationally into Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.

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