DevotionDresses is an amazing revolutionary platform offering Tailor-made Designer Dresses.


Designer Brand

Dresses for All Occasions, of the most Stylish Designer Brands.


Direct Access

Through their Innovative Platform, Customers have direct access to Manufacturers.


Amazing Mission

Devotion provides Dresses for Weddings, Brides, Bridesmaids, Proms, and any other occasion where one would need a beautiful stylish dress.
They’ve taken out the middlemen, working directly with European designers, in order to provide their dresses at affordable prices, without compromising the slightest in quality, materials, designs and style.

“I can’t thank Dario enough for his insight. You seriously have a crystal ball. You’ve got such a deep understanding of true Values, one would think you started our business. Our company has genuine intentions, but struggled conveying this to our customers, and it showed on our Conversions, but we’ve improved dramatically since then, plus you re-organised our Strategy and turned our EBITDA into positive! But all metrics aside, we’ve become so much more rooted in our Values and genuinely appreciative of the personal journeys our audiences go through.”

Achtam N. / Founder

“You re-organised our Strategy and turned our
EBITDA into positive!”

Breaking Barriers

Devotion managed to break the traditional barrier of having to visit tens or hundreds of salons, scouting for a style and size, and brought all their offers online, on their intuitive platform where it’s not only simple to make all measurements, but see immediately how the final dress will look.

Big Heart

DevotionDresses started with a big heart. Coming from their own experience they wanted to cater to the most heart-filling and emotional parts of their audience.
Dealing with very significant occasions in their customers’ lives, DevotionDresses knew it was a big responsibility to carry, but one so close to their own hearts that they could identify directly with their community.

Strong Values

Once we identified the Soul of DevotionDresses, we knew exactly where we stood with Values, their strong Beliefs and how detrimental they are to the success of their customers’ big day.
Devotion’s core business isn’t selling dresses, but making sure that the one big day was as perfect and memorable as possible. That the experience was amazing and impeccable, and all that starts with the beginning (and some would say the most important part of the process); the Wedding Dress.

Big Impact

Needless to say, the Process Optimisations we performed, New Systems Implemented and Activities we executed carried a lot of heart and soul for both the customers and DevotionDresses Team.
This experience and strategy made a big impact and is still carrying on today, and through an amazing cooperation, we re-organised their Strategy and turned their EBITDA positive.

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