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Market Leader

JidloTed was one of the first of its kind on the Czech market.


Household Brand

They made the brand a household name and food delivery to your doorstep a breeze.


Successful Exit

Fast growth, resulting in a successful exit in under 2 years.


Admirable Purpose

When nothing like its kind existed on the market, JidloTed made it their mission to create a system, in cooperation with all types of restaurants and companies within gastronomy, to provide delicious food an option to people that didn’t know how or have time to cook it themselves.

“Because it’s such an end-customer industry, everything is person-to-person. Kongeeg really understood that and caters to each individual need. In growing our business, our Core Values got lost till the point when we weren’t sure of our direction. Working together, we grew and learned so much.
Kongeeg was instrumental in helping us achieve fast growth, which resulted in a successful exit in under 2 years.
I’ve got a deep appreciation and gratitude towards Dario for incredible insight. Can’t thank you enough, and for being with us all the way till the end!”

Marc W. / Founder

“Kongeeg was instrumental in helping us achieve fast growth, which resulted in a successful exit in under 2 years.”

Healthy Intentions

The story started with personal obstacles, when the Founders realised that not knowing how to cook, not having time and lack of convenience in our busy everyday lives, we always tend to reach for unhealthy fast food options. Needless to point out, this is damaging to our health and overall well-being, and this is exactly what pained the Founders.

Powerful Message

This was a very powerful message we conveyed to their customers, and one that the Founders not only identified with, but having children themselves, they understood not only how busy family life can be, but how important healthy nutrition is.

Humble Beginnings

They started their humble beginnings with the main focus on collaborating with restaurants cooking real, delicious food.

Successful Exit

Digging deep into the well of their roots and Values paid off, as JidloTed grew so successful that they were acquired by DeliveryHero, a major Global gastronomy company, and brought under the brand of DameJidlo.

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