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PentinCreative is a Next Level Videography Agency offering Quality Services.


Deep Meaning

The Story behind PentinCreative is a Story of Heart-Warming Courage and Bravery.


Motorsport Journey

From Motorsports, to Filming and Directing their History and Trends.


Incredible Passion

PentinCreative is an Agency filming, directing and producing Video content for all Advertising and Marketing purposes.
Once a local Office in Aalborg, the Agency has gained a big territory in entire Denmark.
Producing Videos with meaning and passion has always been the key ingredient.

“PentinCreative is a very personal journey for me, and Kongeeg understood that better than anyone.
We don’t have the capacity and expertise to know where and how to start truly promoting ourselves and communicating to our customers right, and I wasn’t sure in the beginning if it made sense for us to focus on such deep aspects of our business, cause like any other company, we only watched numbers. Dario was highly recommended by other companies I knew, and you guys came through and rocked!”

Alex P. / Founder & CEO

“I wasn’t sure in the beginning if it made sense for us to focus on such deep aspects.”

Passion & Curiosity

The Founder and CEO Alex Pentin, has since young been very interested in motor sports, cars and motorcycles. Alex ran a blog where he loved to film and document them, the history, contemporary and future trends.

Focus & Perspective

Alex realised early that although motorsports is his big interest, Filming, Directing and Producing Videos was his true Passion.
Having developed his true calling through his motorsport interest, it came natural to him to put himself in the shoes of his clients.

Powerful StoryTelling

This strong ability to identify with his customers’ Purposes is what has made PentinCreative successful and dominant today.
Because PentinCreative isn’t in the business of making videos. PentinCreative is about communicating every Emotion, Purpose and Passion through the eyes of a lens and onto a screen, making sure it’s expressed in such a way that it touches the viewer in the same way that Alex’s Clients feel it.

Purpose & Soul

Working on such a Strong Journey of the Founder was a delight and through many long sessions, brought us to the Core and Values of the company.
The subsequent Strategies, Activities and Plans we executed carried a lot of Soul, and made us all proud not only of the discovery and story, but got us even closer to their Audience, as all communication and plans were performed with strong care and intent to PentinCreative’s customers, rooted deep in the Company’s core Purpose.

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There is a fine line between creating greatness and accomplishing awesomeness. This time, we worked to prove that sky is not the limit.

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